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Kill Bill technically takes place in the same universe as Spy Kids just so you all know

how do you figure that


uncle machete from spy kids is the same machete from machete and machete kills, if that wasn’t clear





I hate that like 30 minute period before going out where you’re stuck in activity limbo and don’t know what to do because you’re leaving soon


"I have a Masters in history, a Masters in anthropology, and a PhD in education."
"What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment?"
"My personality."

(Mexico City, Mexico)






The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

Grits are the worst fucking food what are you all on

Blackberries wtf

who the fuck is drinking straight vinegar 


is this because of the suite life


9 things you need to know about the Arctic Monkeys who aren’t Alex Turner

  • Nick O’Malley learnt the bass parts to the entire Arctic Monkeys debut album within the space of two days. This was after he joined the band on a trial basis following the exit of original member, Andy Nicholson.
  • Matt helders has also dabbled in promotions and is one of three founders of Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival.
  • Despite the trappings of fame and fortune, Jamie Cook still plays for his local football team Packhorse FC.
  • When Nick O’Malley first joined the band, he was only expected to be around until previous bassist Andy Nicholson recovered from fatigue. It is now eight years since he first joined.
  • Matt Helders also has his own fashion collection with designer label Superemebeing (here, he is modelling one of his own hoodies)
  • In spite of the hectic Arctic Monkeys touring schedule, Jamie Cook kept his day job and worked as a tiler up until 2006. He even flew back from a sold out tour to finish a job.
  • Nick O’Malley's trial period to see if he would be able to join the band, he managed to play with a broken hand, an injury from a drunken night out.
  • Matt Helders is a DJ and producer - as well as the band’s drummer. He has remixed the likes of The Hives, Duran Duran , Roots Manuva and even featured on Toddla T’s Skanky Skank album.
  • Guitarist Jamie Cook was the band member responsible for coming up with the name Arctic Monkeys. However, to this day no-one knows why. Alex Turner has since said that he’s not sure even Jamie knows…

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a tribute


things law school helps you point out sec 16.6

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